you are very powerful. provided you know

how Powerful you are!

— Yogi Bhajan

Michaela is a Yoga teacher and Creative Communications Consultant based in Berlin, Germany. Over the last 10 years, she has gained extensive work experience in the areas of Brand Communications, PR and Event Management. She has worked for companies such as Bread & Butter Fashion Trade Show, K-MB Agency for Brand Communications, Design Hotels or Horizn Studios.

In 2014 Michaela decided to combine her passion for communications and a mindful lifestyle. As a freelance consultant she works with brands and companies on all topics regarding health, wellness and lifestyle. With a strong focus on devising, designing and distributing content. Always connecting the dots between brand, product and a clear purpose. Her creative services are rooted in digital and event-based marketing.


Michaela’s yoga journey started in her teens. In 2013 she received her Yoga Alliance certification as a yoga teacher and has been teaching ever since. Staying an avid student herself Michaela has continued to acquire certifications with teachers such as Tara Stiles in New York, Bobby Klein in Tulum or her Yin Yoga certification from the Arhanta Yoga Ashram, to name a few.

In 2016 she opened a studio dedicated to the ‘Art of Mindfulness’. Your Space Berlin was created as a temporary space for everyone interested in Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work, Body Awareness, Ritual and Ceremonies. A playground for co-creation, knowledge exchange, empowerment, inspiration and a way to get in touch with your authentic self on an intuitive level.

Ever since 2019 Michaela, together with her partner Ann-Kathrin Grebner became the host of The Kyōō. A podcast dedicated to inspire and empower listeners to a holistic lifestyle. Every other week The Kyōō publishes inspiring interviews with the people shaping the wellness world.