Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.
— Paul J. Meyer

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Communicating in a mindful and imaginative way

Due to my extensive experiences in brand communications, brand strategy, brand building, event management and PR & Communications I have come to understand that each brand is an entire universe and not just a single entity.

I believe that only by understanding the brand as a whole; experiencing its services, engaging with its employees and advocates as well as its critics, looking at its visual language and tone of voice am I able to consult in a holistic way.

Conception, consultancy, storytelling, creative experiences or out of the box thinking, be it online or offline I take that existing ‚Universe ‘and transform it into another dimension.


In recent years I’ve witnessed how people's needs and values have gone in flux on a global scale. Personal values affect our aspirations and attitude towards health and well-being, which has an immense impact on peoples’s wish to create a more mindful life.

I strongly believe that for brands and business alike this means a constant translation of their vision and cultural relevance within all planned communication activities in a meaningful and imaginative way. As a brand communications consultant I offer a variety of services.


Strategic Communication

  • Brand Positioning & Building

  • Strategy & Concept Creation

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Social Media


Content Creation 

  • Ideation & Creation

  • Photo & Film Production

  • Storytelling

  • Copywriting


Event Production

  • Conception & Production

  • Workshops

  • Shop-Openings