Your Space Berlin

It's been a long way to open Your Space, but I'll try to make it short. 

When Sophie and I met, we had both spend some time in Mexico. Her meditating and learning how to be a meditation teacher and me living and learning how to be my authentic self and integrating that into my daily life. What we both realized was that often it is much easier for us to go on a trip or live somewhere else to work on changing our habits and behavior. Inspiration and the willingness to work on ourselves more often than not comes through leaving our comfort zones, which automatically happens when we take ourselves out of our day to day routines. Also restrictions and judgements we may feel from others become way less in a new environment and space to create and try something new opens up for us. But we can't always run away from home just because there is something we would like to work on. 

So we decided to open a space in Berlin that we could all use as a 'tool box' to learn, share and exchange new techniques to help us staying with us even in our usual surrounding. Opening Your Space meant we could create a network of teachers, coaches and body-workers who would share their knowledge in mindfulness and help us stay on our path. So far we had everything from yoga and meditation classes, to my favorite kundalini yoga, cacao ceremonies, sound meditations, shamanic drum sessions, tarot readings, tantra workshops to so many things that I forgot right now. 

Just like us Your Space is constantly evolving. New teachers, classes and workshops are happening almost every week. We started working together with Soho House Berlin hosting one event a month to bring some mindfulness to its community. Together with  Freunde von Freunden we host bigger workshops every now and then in their beautiful Kreuzberg apartment and there are a few more things we have planned for the year to come. 

If you want to come practice with us you can find the weekly schedule here. See you there! 

Michaela AueYoga, Berlin