International Womens Day Video for Marie Jo

It's International Women's Day,

and even so I feel International Women's Day is every day, I wanted to take the time to write a little love letter to one of my favorite women. When Belgium brand Marie Jo asked me to be part in their #everdayheroines project I was reminded again, what a big impact this one women in particular had to my life. 

A love letter to my mom!

We had the best of times, we had the worst of times! I have to admitt I did not always make it easy for you. But through all the hard times, the major confuisons and life changes, you have been there, silently guiding me. From my first day in kindergarten, to finishing University (which at times we both thought would never happen), my first boyfriend to my first break-up, leaving home to leaving many other homes and cities, from starting my first job to loosing that exact same job and all the other little things inbetween. Sometimes, it felt as if all of this was even more intense for you than it was for me and yet you let me have my own experiences, never telling me what to do or not to do, but always catching me when I fell.

You were also the first person to see me for who I was and even more so, for who I wanted to become. The first person to know me better than I know myself, no matter how much I try to refuse that, still. And the one and only person that thought me to always, always, always trust my intuition. „Whats the first feeling coming up?! Go with that, never question it“. Thank you for being the best mom, the best role model and a continuous inspiration in my life. For teaching me so many things in so many ways and for continuing to teach me every day, even so I mostly pretend to know better, which in the end I don‘t, big surprise.

To the best mom! 

Michaela Aue