Meditation 40 Days Kirtan Kriya

About two years ago I discovered Kundalini yoga. I had heard about it before many times, I just never had the guts to try it out. All the talking about the kundalini snail that is curled up on the bottom of your spine, the kundalini energy rising all other strange sounding things kept me away from this type of practice for a long time. 

I took my first class in January 2016 with one of my favorite teachers Hari Kaur from NYC. The repetitive movements, the breathing and especially the meditation got to me in no time. For me Kundalini yoga is all about the experience, you have to sit with a yoga set or a meditation at least for 40 days to experience it's full potential and you have to be willing to let your self get there. 

After listening to a lecture of Guru Singh I was set on the idea to do 40 days of Kirtan Kriya Meditation. I can't exactly say what hit me, I just new I wanted to get back into a routine, I love mornings and getting up at 6:00AM for my Sadhana was something I wanted to try. 

Kirtan Kriya is pretty straight forward you sit in your meditation seat, chanting the mantra SA - TA - NA - MA on each syllable your thumb touches one of your fingers, starting with the index finger. For the first 40 days I did the meditation for 12 minutes, which means your are singing the mantra out loud for two minutes then you whisper for two minutes, then silently for four minutes, again two minutes whispering and two minutes out loud. 

Even after the first day I was hooked. The mediation creates a clearness of your mind, I have rarely experienced. It balances your brain, reduces stress and enhances your memory, all backed by science. Those 40 days were easy and I loved getting up every day for my meditation, so me and my teacher decided I would do another cycle of 40 days for 31 minutes, I am only on day seven today, but it is a lot harder than I thought. 

Michaela Aue